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Just applied today. I hear that the interviewing process does not start until the end of the year and that a lot of people got accepted in the spring. Also they say they strive to accept 50% residents then the rest being non-residents. Good luck to all!

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Just wondering if anyone has heard anything as of now? The last email I received was letting me know that I had passed the initial review and was being reviewed more in-depth. I received an email June 19th letting me know my application was officially under review. Just curious if anyone has gotten any more updates regarding interview invitations?

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Hey guys, I got the probationary accreditation email as well and did become a bit worried. It was reassuring at the end of the email that they still are accredited, and it does not really affect perspective graduating classes. The orthopedic unit I work on just got evaluated by JCAHO, the unit has passed their standards for the last eight years, but what do you know, there were problems this time. JCAHO came back in a month and the problems were resolved and all is new. At the end of the day, stuff happens so If I'm lucky to matriculate into the program, I will attend. Any other thoughts on this?

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51 minutes ago, RaffAlbano said:

Congrats! That's awesome. I see you posted Rutgers PA Program, heard it's a great school. Mind sharing your stats?

Thanks! And I don't mind at all. :)

cGPA: 3.35
sGPA: 3.11
Post-Bacc GPA: 3.89 (35 credits)
GRE: 155 V, 153 Q, 4.0 W
PCE: Physical Therapy Aide for 1860 hours
HCE: 328 hours (Domestically and abroad. All focused on underserved populations)
Shadowing: 23 hours w/ pediatric PA. 90 hours w/ doctor in underserved part of Mexico. 40 hours w/ pediatric orthopedic doctors.
Volunteering (non-healthcare): 146 hours

And then various leadership positions in college.

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