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Forgive me if I didn't dig deeper into the archive to find relative information. 


Want to pick the brains of those who have been in the Navy PA track for a while.


I am pretty close to finalizing all required application pieces for FY18- and obviously have a long way to go in this career process, so please do not assume that I don't understand I have a long way to go.


I have been in NSW for 5 years as a SOCM (short course), and maintain all applicable qualifications (i.e. jump, exw, etc). What is the typical track for former operators post-graduation and commissioning? If there is not a typical track what are potential opportunities/ specialty options to pursue? I would like to continue pursuing emergency medicine at this point (hopefully staying in/ or getting back into the NSW community eventually), however want to go into this process with an open mind. Any and all information at this time will be beneficial. 


Thank you in advance.




Side note: if anyone is running into issues funding TA pre-reqs because they have non-science related BA/BS in reference to either the Navy ISPP or UNC Chapel Hill PA- do not hesitate to DM me. I have spent hours and days coordinating with VOLED and Navy CC to finally get this squared away and would love to stream line that info to you. 



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I don't think there's any such thing as a "typical track" for former operators (or anyone else) after IPAP. Just like anything else, it comes down to needs of the Navy at the particular time you come up for orders, and (maybe) who you know. I've heard talk that the NSW community likes to have their guys back, but I've seen it happen all ways. I've seen Recon HMs (short and long course) end up at family medicine clinics, and I've seen a direct entry PA with no prior military service end up in a SpecWar billet. I do know of one guy who ended up at a hospital and finagled his way back to the community, somehow. I guess anything is possible, but be prepared to spend at least a little bit of time doing "boring" family medicine. It's where the Navy needs you most, and trust me - it'll make you a better PA wherever else you go afterwards. Good luck.

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Yes, I'm aware that he said that. My point is that the term 'operator' typically refers to a certain subset of personnel.



I guess if you want to get into semantics and unwritten rules that only you know about. If the Navy sends you to SOCM, you're an "operator" (NSW, MARSOC, Recon, etc.). I don't know about the Army - do they send Ranger medics? Is that why you're being fussy about the terminology?

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