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2017-18 Application Cycle

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29 minutes ago, FuturePAmc said:

For those of you who have been in touch with Mr. Drace (besides him calling you), how have you gotten in touch? I’ve emailed, called, and left a message and still nothing. I don’t want to harass him but he told me during my interview to call him if things didn’t go my way this year. 

Just my opinion, but if I were you, I would email him after all of the dust from this cycle and the holidays are behind him. I'm sure they are all still trying to catch their breath. 

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On 1/5/2018 at 3:18 PM, WonderWall said:

Has anyone heard about any waiting list calls going out in the new year? Is the program still out for the holidays? 

I was told that no one has backed out which is unusual for this time of year and they are not anticipating pulling many off of the waitlist because of this. It seems that almost everyone who was offered admission plans to attend and they do not feel that the wait list will be used as much as it has in previous years. So, I’m going ahead and preparing myself to reapply next year. 

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Not sure if anyone is monitoring this thread lately, but I had a question I was curious about, and can't seem to find anything published online on the issue. I was rejected pre-II to UAB's PA program, but was accepted to UAB's MD Primary Care Track program, a smaller and very competitive part of the larger MD program. Undergrad GPA = 3.93, Grad GPA = 3.84, MCAT = 511, GRE = 322 (161+161), and 2000 Patient Contact Hours as a Medical Interpreter (English-Spanish). My stats seem comparable to people who did get an interview, and I expressed explicitly in my application that I would rather be a PA than an MD because I'm an older applicant and it would help my wife and I have and provide for kids sooner and with less debt while still achieving my dream of practicing medicine. Did anyone else get rejected from UAB PA but get accepted to UAB MD? What are some obvious reasons why that happens, if any?

One of my theories is that there should be more PAs than MD/DOs in an ideally functioning healthcare system, but it's exactly the reverse in the current reality. And I could be just that. But I'm curious to see if there's other reasons that might point out areas in which I can improve to be the best physician I can be and serve others to the greatest extent I can.

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