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The University of Utah has one of the oldest Physician Assistant programs in the country. In fact, it was one of the original MEDEX programs. It has been one of the Top rated programs in the country f

GOT AN INTERVIEW INVITE!!!!!! OMG I was starting to believe I would not hear back from anyone!!!! I'm local--feel free to message me if you have any questions about the area/where to stay/about public

Received and accepted invitation for the 11/9 interview yesterday afternoon. To be real, I'd written this school off almost completely after flubbing the supplemental (ran out of time mid response). E

Yes. I just interviewed this past Friday and Dorris said we would know by Thanksgiving. I also have a friend currently in the program and talking with current students at the social, all said they were notified the week after the last set of interviews by Wednesday.

Also need to consider they interviewed approximately 60 students more than the have in the past to fill the additional 16 slots for the St. George campus. Could be taking them a little longer to decide.

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Rejectified also.

Great job and Congratulations to those who are accepted! Awesome stuff. Are ya’ll who were accepted 1st-time, 2nd-time, or 3rd-time applicants?? Just curious.

I was a 2nd time and app was so much stronger than last year. Dorris even thought I’d get in. Shoot dang. But at least I got in somewhere else. :D

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