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Hospitalist Offer, 1 year experience as a PA-C

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Hi all,


I've been working as a general medical provider for a state psychiatric hospital for about one year.  I'm leaving my current position at the end of June, but will be staying on PRN.  It's just not a good fit for me professionally to remain here full-time.


I was offered a hospitalist job today at a 590-bed Level I Trauma and Stroke center.  They are building a 42-bed observational unit which will open January 2018, and this unit will be the main focus of my position once it opens.  Until then, I will work at the regional sister hospital (which is 20 miles away) rounding on all units.  Here are the particulars:


Things I'm OK with...


- $100,000 base salary.

- 1 year contract renewed annually.

- Quarterly performance bonus, not to exceed $25,000/year.  

- Bonus based upon the following metrics: # of patient encounters, quality of work, timely completion of notes (w/in 24 hours), and peer reviews.

- Malpractice dues paid by employer.

- 180 10-hour shifts per year, divided into 7on/7off schedule (7:30AM-5:30PM).

- 30-day termination of employment required by both parties (unless something illegal/unethical occurs, etc).


Things I'm not OK with...


- REQUIRED to see minimum of 15 patients per shift.

- 401k/profit sharing, medical/dental benefits available, but no mention of what the match is, the cost, or anything else for that matter.

- They will pay my state and organizational licensing dues only.  All other CME expenses are to be paid by me.

- Tail coverage required, and paid for by me.

- Required days of call and carrying pager, but no mention of how often or whether it's paid or not (verbally she told me it would be paid, but it's not written in this contract).

- Apparently if I have to file an employment lawsuit or if they have to file a lawsuit against me, I have to pay THEIR legal fees as well as my own.

- Not really OK with a maximum yearly bonus amount either, but it's better than no bonus...

- The vague parameters of this entire contract...


I am so disappointed with this.  I used to work for an employment lawyer years ago, so I'm going to see if she will review this for me and help with a counter.  But, how do you all think I should counter based on your experiences?


I'm going to put this in the PA Professional Folder as well, in hopes of catching a few more people who can assist.






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those are HUGE problems


Never have I heard requiring TAIL and making you pay for it - they made all the $$ off your work  - stupid


as for paying their legal fee's  H@#@ NO!!


I would compose a nice response to identify the issues and decline - might help the next person....

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