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CASPA transcript verification initiation

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Once all of your application materials are received, your application's status changes to Materials Received > Verifying and your application is placed in line to be verified. Verifications occur in chronological order, so it can take up to four weeks for your application to be verified. Once your application is verified, you will receive a notification and your application's status will change to Verified. "




Does anyone know if this means your app will only gets placed in line to be verified after all materials are in as in the app being completed pretty much or do they mean just all the transcripts are in?


Not sure why it wouldnt just say when the app was completed if it just needs transcripts in.

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Guest HanSolo

You wont hit the next stage until you've submitted your application and all materials are in. That is, CASPA wont do anything until you've paid for at least one program, all transcripts are in, and two LORs are in. 

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