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Honest opinion on my stats

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Undergrad Ed School: University of West Florida

Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.2

Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.1

Age at application time : 23

GRE: 148 Q, 152 V, 4 AW

Direct Patient Care : 1,100 ophthalmic technician


Indirect/Direct patient care: 1,500 as a medical scribe within the ER. Some schools count this a "direct" patient care, some don't. 


Shadowing: 40 hrs ER, 120 Pediatrics with both Drs and PA


LOR: ER physician (DO), optometrist, ophthalmologist (MD)


I'm planning to apply this cycle by middle to end of June. Mostly focusing on schools in the Florida region as thats where I currently live. What do you think my chances are? I know my GPA is lower, so I was planning to apply to around 11 schools.

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Chances probably arent that great. GPA is low, HCE is low to average, GRE is average. There isn't anything that you provided in your app that might counterbalance the lower GPA. If you do not get in this year retake or take science classes to improve your GPA, keep working, and apply as early as possible in the next cycle.

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Judging from past stats and success stories on this forum, I feel like you could have a shot IF you have an AMAZING personal statement, IF you have stellar volunteer experience, and/or IF you apply to the right kind of schools. I do honestly feel like you have a shot at some of the programs in Florida, judging from the stats of some of these programs' accepted students. (ex: Barry University)

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