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University of Bridgeport 2017 Applicants

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Hello everyone! i just received a call inviting me to interview for October 6th so to everyone who is verified and waiting to hear back there is hope! :)

To add to what EngineerPA said above, it was basically a matter of paperwork under the previous director. Our new director has taken every measure possible to rectify it and now it is just a matter of

I am happy to say that I was picked off the waitlist today! I can’t wait to meet the rest of you really soon! :) 

I was waitlisted as well. They said at the program they are doing things differently this year. I haven't heard of anyone accepted yet and I was in the 7/6 interview. A few others from that were also waitlisted so I'm unsure whats happening.  I sat anxiously the first day for a call.. but just got the email today to put be on the wait list.  Good luck.  If anyone knows anything different let us know.  I really like this program alot and would love to attend hope they reach out to people soon!!

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For anyone else who is on the waitlist, I received some clarification from Melanie and thought I would share with everyone: 

- The waitlist is not ranked.

- All candidates on the waitlist are periodically re-reviewed at several points during the cycle and anytime a seat becomes available (I assume when an accepted applicant declines)

- Applicants are admitted from the waitlist during summer and fall and up to the first week of classes in January

- The program will keep in touch and confirm you still want to be on the waitlist during the application cycle (presumably before periodic reviews, so as to only review applicants still interested).

Hope this helps. I know the waiting game is rough, but lets keep our heads up!


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On 7/13/2017 at 0:52 PM, arcard said:

Where do students typically complete their clinical rotations? (Yale, Bridgeport Hospital, etc.)

I don't know the complete list of rotation sites since I'm still in my first year and we have just barely started to talk about rotations, but two hospitals that I know we rotate at are Bridgeport and St. Mary's hospital. Then they even have rotations set up in Flint, Michigan for those that want to go out there (and a lot of students want to in my class it seems), and then I believe an ED rotation at Bronx Lebanon. They try to match students up with what living and travel situations will work best. 

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For everyone applying to UB during this cycle just to clarify, if you applied during this 2017-2018 cycle, you will begin in January 2018, correct?

I am still an undergrad until May 2018, so I would have to wait and apply to UB's PA program next summer for entry in January 2019? 

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18 hours ago, NataliyaPA said:

Thanks, same to you and everyone who will be interviewing there. I wish we all got accepted! I'm a little nervous, this is the only interview invite I have so far, how about you?

Don't be nervous, it's my first one too. Hopefully more coming on the way! 

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