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PENNSYLVANIA: Thomas Jefferson University

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I got an interview invite today and scheduled my interview for 9/19. I was verified 6/21.

TJU and Philadelphia University were previously separate programs, but now they are combined. So the "new" campuses are the ones that were originally under Philadelphia University. I got an email

Accepted 9/13 after the Tuesday 9/12 interview! They had a fast turn around time. 

Hey guys, I just wanted to give a little input. I've been accepted and tried to email Amina (who was the original admissions representative) today regarding my deposit and I received an automated message back saying as of October 13, 2017, she is no longer employed at TJU, so David Wood is the new representative (and now our point of contact) if we have any questions. I think if you've received an interview or acceptance, you probably get the email automatically (or maybe it was sent to everyone applied). So he's our new point of contact!

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If I haven't received a response back (an email saying we would like to extend an interview invitation or no interview invitation) on my CASPA application that I submitted in the beginning of September, should I call Amina or another person at the school to see the status of my application?

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On 10/10/2017 at 1:37 AM, PrePAStudent4 said:

Received an invitation to interview on October 7! I also got a denial email from Philadelphia University on October 6th. Thought this was interesting given the merging of programs. Any thoughts? 

So funny, I was denied at TJU but received an invite for PhilaU!

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6 hours ago, pipergasaway said:

Just got a rejection email this morning. Good luck everyone! 


4 hours ago, foreverPA said:

Rejected email this morning too. Good luck to you all!

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Rejected after an interview or just after submitting your application?


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