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22 minutes ago, babecheng said:

I got an invitation today but will turn down because of committing to another school! Hope that will leave out a seat for those who’re still waiting. I applied in mid July, so don’t lose hope even if you didn’t apply early!!!

What is ur gpa and how many patient care hours do you have?  I applied end of July and I’m hoping to hear back!  

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On 11/1/2017 at 7:54 PM, amandag13 said:

I have my interview on Monday and I know then website info says to bring a CV. Does anyone that interviewed know if a one page resume will suffice? Or are they looking for something more in-depth?

Typically a CV is more in-depth than a resume. The one I handed in was 3 pages long. I think they just want to see if you have done anything new since the time you applied.

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4 hours ago, Ljones1393 said:

Hi All,

I received an interview invite for NYIT at the end of October. I am debating declining the offer due to how expensive it is in NYC. Does anyone who has committed have any tips/suggestions that they are following for living arrangements/food besides taking out more loans?



That's a big concern, and I'll be looking for a roommate in a few months. I'm not sure how students do it yet (find roommates from the same program) but I'll have to figure it out. Food...well, ramen noodles will be my friends for a couple of years :) 

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