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Is it pointless to submit my application with a low GRE score?

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This is only my second time posting to this forum but I often read people's responses and they always seem to be insightful. I am about to submit my CASPA application but I'm trying to decide if it's better to submit my application with my low GRE score or not submit a score at all and list the date I will be re-taking the GRE, which is at the end of June. I was told that schools don't look at applications until a GRE score is posted to an application so I'm nervous of how to proceed. If I submit my less than average GRE score will schools disregard my application all together because it doesn't meet the minimum, or is there a chance that they'll hold onto my application because it meets all of the other requirements and wait to see what my new GRE score is? Or is it better to not submit a score, then submit my retake GRE score and hope that all of the spots are not full by the end of June? I still would like to submit my application this week with or without the GRE score but I'm conflicted on what the best options is. Thank you for any guidance, as this is my first time applying. Good luck to all of the applicants. 

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What are the other parts of your application like? Is your GPA high like 3.7 or better? Outstanding hours in patient care/volunteering/shadowing? Brilliant PS? Solid LOR? These are also factors. I have seen some people get in with a slightly less GRE but everything out was above minimum/average. It is not impossible to get it, just look at your application from a well-rounded stand point and chose schools that do not rely heavily on GRE scores who take a more holistic approach to students. If every aspect of your app is still sitting at average and the GRE is low, know going into it you might not get an interview.


I say this because applying is a LOT of money. It is better to make sure that your application is the absolute best it can be. Shining in as many categories as possible. if you want it bad enough you can do this. You can also look at retaking any Pre-reqs that are not A's because this will help as well. Good luck!

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@Jdabrowski, Thank you for the reply. Yes, my GPA is high. I have 2,040 direct patient care hours as a CNA, around 100 hours of shadowing between a surgeon, 2 PA's and an ear, nose and throat doctor. Also around 250 hours of volunteering at a homeless shelter, and as a child life specialist at a children's hospital. I would say my PS is strong as well as 3 solid LOR's. With that being said, I submitted my application on May 26 to a number of the schools that didn't require extra essays in their program section. My goal is submit the rest of my applications by May 29th. I will retake the GRE at the end of June, however I'm nervous my application will not be seen as "early admission" due to my GRE score not being available to the schools until late June, early July. Do you have any insight on that? Should I be concerned that my late GRE score could hinder my application even if it's a solid score? I appreciate your advice. Thank you! 

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The fact that you're avoiding posting your actual GRE score here makes me concerned. If you don't want to share that's your business, but just my 2c. Are any of the schools you're applying to true rolling admission programs? If not, I say retake the test and then submit. IF you submit to a program and you don't meet their minimum requirements they will not review your application. Most schools have 1000's of applications to sift through and the first filter they do is weeding out apps that don't meet all minimums. In addition, it might raise red flags that you have a great GPA but a poor GRE score as GRE scores are pretty much used to weed out applicants that won't cut the mustard.


You could look at schools that don't require GRE (even if it's only 1 school) that way you can submit and get CASPA rolling on verifying but you still have the chance to retake the GRE later. Good luck!

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