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Second Round Personal Statement

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    • By cwskyla
      As the sound of the saw cut through the room, I sat wide-eyed staring in disbelief at the technician removing my hot pink cast. Though this was not the first wrist break, nor would it be the last, that sound and memory is something that has forever stayed with me. It was from a young age that I realized hospitals were a neat, organized, well-oiled machine and I wanted to be a part of one. Growing up, my mom and I would watch the television show House, and even though it was a fictional portrayal of a not-your-typical doctor type, it caught my interest early on. Throughout my education, the idea of a career in the medical field fascinated me - until I was a junior in high-school. During that summer, I was outside with my mom doing yard work when she dropped a pole on her foot and cut it open. The cut was no more than an inch wide, but deep enough to see the bone; I thought I was going to pass out! After that incident, I felt less confident in my ability to pursue medicine. Admittedly, I was afraid.
      Beginning college, I changed directions and pursued a degree in Forensic Chemistry - still giving me the ability to pursue medicine if I wanted, but, from a pharmaceutical/laboratory standpoint. During this time, I was also on the college’s women's golf team traveling every semester while maintaining class attendance and GPA standing. The experience of playing an individual/team based sport brought me out of my shell, as I had always been considered an extremely shy person. It was not until I was in my last few semesters, I realized I was not interested in forensics and that I yearned for more than monotonous lab work. I realized that I desired the human interaction of helping someone. Once I graduated, I took a year off to figure out what I wanted as a career. I spoke with many people in the medical field and spent some time doing my own research on different programs/careers; I decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Physician Assistant studies. I researched program requirements and enrolled as a post-baccalaureate student in order to complete prerequisites needed to apply. I decided this was the field for me because the PAs purpose in healthcare was what I had been dreaming of all this time. The realization that as a PA, I would have the ability to bridge the gap between patients and doctors by ensuring that patient care is the utmost importance, being there to speak with the patient directly about their symptoms and assist them through their situations. For a long time, I have known that I want to do more than just figure out what brings a patient in for care; I want the ability to treat, care for, and diagnosis a person, especially those that have been turned away for care in the past or have not found the right diagnosis for a persistent problem. 
      Currently, I work as an ophthalmic assistant/medical scribe at an Ophthalmologist owned practice. I thoroughly enjoy working in the field, being that I have learned a great amount and continue to be curious each day. The best part is that every patient brings in something new: a new symptom for the same diagnosis, a new symptom that is not noted in their history, new terms and diagnoses that have not been present in prior cases. As well as working alongside doctors, I have had the opportunity to shadow cataract surgery and clinic days following a PA in Dermatology. Both of these experiences have solidified my choice of pursuing this degree; although completely different, watching the level of care provided to the patient during each procedure is the exact reason I became fascinated with the medical field many years ago.  I can say I do not have a specific field/practice in mind, but I do find orthopedics, cardiology, neurology, and ophthalmology all very fascinating. While in the program, I am looking forward to clinical rotations and getting a chance to experience many different fields, in the hope that they will assist me in finding the right path. In closing, I respectfully request your serious consideration of my application.
    • By milery
      Hello,  my sgpa is 2.4 and I registered for organic chemistry 2 and phlebotomy part 1 next semester but I missed the FAFSA deadline so I would be paying for the class with a credit card. my new dilemma is this..  there's this technical school that offers phlebotomy for only a month and half at $2k but it doesn't count as credit which was the reason why I signed up for PHLEB at a CC(it can help my GPA). the current bill at CC with PHLEB and ORGO is around $2k but ill be missing part two of PHLEB which I can take during the summer but that's another cost since I was once told FAFSA is not offered for summer semester. so my question is should I either:
      #1 drop organic 2 and pay for phlebotomy in the spring and part 2 in the summer and take organic 2 next fall
      #2 pay for the technical school and take organic 2 next fall
      #3 pay for the technical school and organic 2 ( this route will cost me around $3 -$4k maybe)
       I will be trying to get into the LPN program spring 2021 and phlebotomy offers such amazing skills that I would love to have that under my belt for PA school. as for LPN, I work closely with LPNS so I would love to have that kind of health care experience as well ( I am CNA) but also great pay. my plan C is medical laboratory technician if I don't get accepted in the LPN program. unfortunately the BS degree in medical scientist requires a GPA of 3.0 that's why im aiming at the associate degree instead. why mlt? the job looks fun, great science classes = boost my science gpa and higher pay than what im doing right now CNA. I already have 3 years worth of HCE and I would have PHLEB as my other set of HCE.
      my goal in general is obtain awesome skills, be financially stable and boost my PA application. unfortunately because my GPA is so low my options are pretty limited at least in my area. 
      what im lacking in my application is my GPA. im not financially stable to take random hard core sciences without leading to a career, because what if im not competitive enough? then I could end up with no backup.
    • By milery
      would it look bad if I do medical lab tech and lpn at the same time? even though I already have a BS degree with a gpa lower than 3.0? I still would like to have some experience working in the laboratory, for my own personal pleasure( I was pursuing path a for a while but I dropped that) but mlt is 2 years and im struggling financially that's why I thought of LPN. im a CNA so I work closely with LPNs so I get to see most of what they do everyday. basically both can help with my GPA, according to CASPA mlt and nursing counts as science GPA. mlt looks very interesting and fun but is 2 years and lpn im familiar with the field and is quicker. I guess in my head is when im done with lpn I can start working as im finishing up mlt and then work part time as a lpn and full time as a mlt. im not interested in an accelerated bsn because I don't want to take that spot away from someone that really wants it plus being a nurse is not my end goal. I want to be able to be financially stable and enjoying myself while im continuing to move forward with my pa application. I would be attending a community college in which will be cheaper.
    • By milery
      Hello, I graduated last year with a 2.6 GPA and my science GPA is 2.4. I have two D's, I am retaking one of those two D at a community college ( organic chemistry) the other D is in ecology in which I may not retake tbh because I didn't enjoyed the class. I registered for organic chemistry 2 to help my Sgpa but my dilemma is this.... my financial situation is starting to stress me out. I cant afford to take hard core science classes ( like I originally planned) in a degree that doesn't lead to a guaranteed career (biotechnology). so I thought of either medical laboratory technician or lpn.  I thought of these because #1 cheaper and faster option, #2 mlt has always sparked my interest and #3 I'm a cna ( almost 4 years) and I work closely with a lpn.  the lpn option I'm looking at is a certificate option because is only one year. my whole goal in this is to help my GPA and also have a career. I don't mind continuing to build my PA  application after this but I wanna make sure if doing any of these route will help me and not become a waste of time. 
      if you guys have any other suggestions please let me know. the biotechnology degree I can finish it in a year but what if after that I'm still not a strong applicant? then I'm stuck with another degree... no career 
      I don't care how long it takes to become a PA! I'm 24 years old and I already have a lot of financial baggage. I want to make a smart decision  
    • By Briannaarroyo
      I am president of the Pre-PA club at SFSU. I am looking for shadowing opportunities here in the Bay Area. If the PA allows, I would like to share this opportunity to my club to shadow during the breaks at SFSU. Please feel free to reach out to me on here or you can follow us/DM us @sfsuppas 
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