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Was just wondering if anyone knew how the 30 day mark is calculated. For example, if I received my supplemental invite on July 24th, is August 22 or 23rd my 30 day mark?
Has anyone contacted admissions regarding this question and if there's also a time deadline?

The email I received says "You must submit your supplemental application within 30 days of the date of this invitation." I imagine you received the same email. I interpret this as July 25th being day one. Ultimately making August 23rd your final date.

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Hi all, 

Received an interview invitation today as well for 9/26! 
The only problem is that I already have another interview on that day.. so I'm gonna have to shuffle things around. Does anyone have experience with rescheduling interviews for TUC? 

In the email they said it was an assigned day and they only interview Mon and Tues. The other program gave me a list of days to choose from (I'm thinking that this school might be more lenient on rescheduling). 

For your reference again: 
CASPA verified 5/26 
Supplemental App Invite: 6/28 
Supplemental Submission: 7/9 
Invitation to interview: 8/23

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