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Acceptance Emails/Letters Today

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Acceptance emails/letters are being sent today.

The process took a bit longer than expected due to the large number of applicants (over 1400) and highly qualified candidates (over 600) we received. We had to include interviews in the process in order to help us with the selection. The interviews were not determinate but were added as part of the holistic review score. Our most sincere apologies for the delay.


If not initially selected and you were part of the interviews, your name may be placed on a wait list depending on your holistic review score. An email/letter will be sent to you notifying you of this. We have filled vacated seats as late as the first day of classes, so do not lose hope.


Luis A. Ramos, MS, PA-C

Director and Assistant Professor

Physician Assistant Program


Woodland Road

Pittsburgh, PA 15232

Phone: 412-365-1405 Fax: 412-365-1623

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Thanks for the link to the facebook page! I just asked to join the group. My name is Whitney by the way. To gtrev07, I was accepted on the 6th. One of my friends found out she was on the waiting list a day or two later, and one of my other friends still hasn't heard anything.

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Hey all...... so I am a recent graduate of the program class of 2011 and I must tell you to be aware of what you are getting into with Chatham. The two years of the program there were many, and I really do mean many, points in the program where faculty unnecessarily put their students through the ringer. If you really look at the statistics of this program, you will find out that every year the program loses a substantial amount of their admitted class! Our class of 2011 lost 11% of our admitted class and 6% were decelerated (meaning they were allowed to return to class of 2012); additionally out of those 6 individuals that were decelerated, 2 of them are left!! The other four individuals were literally harassed and pushed by the faculty themselves to the point that they all withdrew from the program. It is with strong belief that I state this institution cares about their PANCE passing rate and the image of the institution more than actually teaching their students. For example; class of 2011, 14 people out of our 60 graduates in our class failed their boards!! That brings the percentage to an appalling 76% for the graduating class. Out of the actual class that was admitted for 2011? 63%! if these are not alarming statistics for the ARC, then I don't know what is.


If any of you have acceptances elsewhere, please keep these alarming statistics in mind and go elsewhere!! The level of disorganization and the biased grading system is above and beyond appauling!!


I am sorry to scare any of you, but these words are the truth and I personally would have loved it if there was someone who said this to me. frown.gif It was 2 years of pure hell, and if I could go back in time and go to another program where I really felt competent in medicine I would have done this without any hesitation. Take this news as you wish!

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