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Accepted!!! I interviewed July 25th. :)  

accepted! i interviewed July 25th PM session

Hi there! I'm a current 1st year student here at Pitt's PA program. Make sure you get those CASPA apps in as early as possible and be confident in your answers and essays. You've made it this far so k

On 8/10/2017 at 0:22 PM, fightingirish16 said:

I submitted 05/15 and got an interview invite on 07/20 for the morning session on 09/19! I'm so excited! Did you guys who interviewed like the program? Any pros/cons you took away from the interview day?

I liked the program, students and faculty. They have a cool cadaver lab and I like how the clinical coordinator personally tries to match your personality to the rotation site. The PA-1 students also seemed to really enjoy the program. 

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On 9/12/2017 at 3:38 PM, jacqchu said:

does anyone know if we are allowed to do fingerprinting with an out of state police department?

You can send in your fingerprint cards to the agency that Castlebranch uses for background check. I did it when I was in Texas and got my results in the mail 2 weeks later.

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On 9/25/2017 at 1:09 AM, brooket10 said:

I'll be interviewing on Oct. 31....for the third time. Third time is a charm right?? Super disheartened about seeing all of the acceptances already (so so happy for all of you though!) This process is so frustrating!

Anyone else interviewing the same time as me?

Don't be discouraged! I would say about 1/4-1/3 of the current class was accepted at this point or later, we even had a few people get accepted the week before classes started. It is never too late! 


Good luck! 

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I gave up my seat due to being accepted into my top choice school. I hope that this helps someone else out. I love Pitt but I really felt like I had a perfect fit at the other school. Congrats to everyone else who was accepted and I wish the best of luck to everyone still applying and interviewing!!

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