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Just got an interview offer early this morning (3:25am to be exact... ha). I will be interviewing on 11/30!

Submitted: 6/28

Received Application: 7/5

Completed Application: 7/6

Interview Invitation: 11/21

Keep your head up if you're still waiting for an interview! This is my third year applying. Last year I was on the interview wait-list. (I did not receive an interview last year.) Best of luck! 

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11 hours ago, longhornalum said:

@dolson8 congrats!!! Do you mind sharing your stats please? I’m on the interview waitlist right now and I’m praying I get off but I highly doubt it :/

cGPA: 3.49

sGPA: 3.49

GRE: v: 154 (63%) q: 156 (63%) w: 4.0 (59%)

PCE: 4000hrs

HCE: 500hrs

Volunteer: ~75 hours


~ disclaimer: this will be cliche and redundant ~ you'll get in if you keep working hard. This is my third year applying to PA school...keep your head up! Don't lose sight of your goals and why you want to achieve them.

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1 minute ago, MountainsAndSkiing said:

Congratulations on being pulled!!!

Thank you! Hope you get the same outcome :)


13 minutes ago, longhornalum said:

@K8lin were you pulled from the getting an interview waitlist or the after the interview to be accepted waitlist?

Waitlisted after being interviewed in August, so the latter

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For those of you have been accepted to MWU Class of 2020, congrats!! If you are sure you will be attending Midwestern, feel free to PM me your full name and email as shown on Facebook, so I can add you to the Facebook group. If you are accepted and unsure if you will be attending, please wait to send me your info. Good luck to the rest of you interviewing!

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I have withdrawn my acceptance to Midwestern and will be attending another PA school closer to home. I hope that opened up another spot for one of you. Congratulations and good luck to all of you who have been accepted, who are interviewing, and to all those hopefuls. Midwestern is a great program that I wish I could attend but unfortunately, location is very important. 

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