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I got my acceptance letter today as well!!!!!! I interviewed on July 13th! I'm so excited!!

All I wanted for my birthday (yesterday) was an interview invite and today I got the call for an interview! I'll be at the Glenside campus on 9/20. So excited!

Can't wait to meet you then! I'll be the short brown-haired girl in the gray suit. Also I'll most likely be eating if they have food available lol

On 9/8/2017 at 3:58 PM, ttaylor95 said:

For those of you who have interviewed and received an answer, did you feel like you knew  how it went right after the interview or not at all until you received the letter? Did you think it went really well and you got accepted or rejected? I have my interview coming up and I was curious (:

I felt like I knew right after the interview - but I didn't want to get my hopes up! I felt like it went really well, and was then accepted less than 2 weeks later :) 

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3 hours ago, raebay said:

Hi guys! I interviewed 9/20 at Glenside and received a rejection letter 9/25. It was dated for 9/22!  

I am sorry to hear about the rejection :/ I am still waiting to hear back, but I am all the way in California so I think I'll be the last to know... What state are you from?

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How long did it take everyone to hear something regarding interviews after applying? I haven't had heard anything even regarding receipt of my application, so just wondering. Also if anyone who's received an interview invite would like to share their stats id greatly appreciate it! Thanks! 

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14 minutes ago, Sensa23 said:

ACCEPTED to Delaware campus!!! Is there a campus-specific facebook group started, or is everyone joining the Arcadia Class of 2020 one? Beyond excited to meet all of you!


Interview: 9/19

Letter Dated: 9/22

Letter Received (Midwest): 9/30

Congrats on your acceptance!! Would you mind sharing you stats? 

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