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Hi everyone,


I am a first time applicant and am currently filling out the Program Materials section on CASPA. Within the Program Materials section, many programs request students to upload documents. Most require just a CV/Resume to be uploaded, however, there is a generic statement (written by CAPA) beneath the Documents area that encourages the student to upload additional supporting documentation (such as proof of PCE/HCE hours, I'm guessing). 


I am wondering if I should attach supporting documentation of my PCE/HCE hours to my CV/Resume in this section (include everything)


if programs JUST want the CV/Resume. It's a bit hard to differentiate what the program wants and the general instructions listed by CASPA. I've copied what the instructions look like below:


"UNM applicants are now required to submit a CV/Resume as part of your application to the PA Program.  Please upload the document as a pdf below.


Provide supporting documentation for your application. You may update the information in this section at any time prior to submission. Once you have submitted, you will be able to add more documents if there are optional document uploads available to you, but you will not be able to replace existing document uploads with new versions or delete uploaded documents."


Any insights would be greatly appreciated!




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My understanding is that they want a resume/CV that is neat, organized, and more concise than the CASPA application they receive. Look at the pdf of your application. It's not the nicest package. 


As far as supporting documents, that could really be anything. Maybe copies of your licenses or additional letters of recommendation that are school specific. 


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