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1 hour ago, matopa22 said:

Has anybody called this week? I know the quarter was over last week, so I’m wondering if admissions is even there this week. 

No, but it may be a good idea to call and let the rest of us know for the sake of gray hair and anxiety haha.

although looking at last years posts, quarter ended on the 9th but they received emails on the 16th.

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1 minute ago, ShannonRN said:

Was it the school of nursing or graduate admissions office that sent the email? Because apparently the graduate admissions office closes today at 5 until January.

School of nursing admissions team.. that’s what is says at the end.. did you not receive anything? I mean if you haven’t received anything I believe that may be good news. Cause everyone that did receive today just seems to be waitlisted 

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Just got accepted with scholarship as well. Does anyone know if this scholarship is different from the tuition reimbursement they were talking about at the campus visit day? Is it a scholarship based on the application we filled out for various scholarships? It would great if it was a scholarship ON TOP of the tuition reimbursement :)

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ACCEPTED with a scholarship!! I have no words to describe these feelings... UCD is my top choice and it is very relieving to now call it my, and our, home. 

Congratulations to those who have been accepted. I look forward to meeting you all!! Everyone else please continue the pursuit. It will truly be worth it at the end.

Many blessings.


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