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Schools that do accept online science prereqs

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I was hoping we could make a list of PA schools that do accept online science prerequisites for those of us who have to take our sciences online.


Baylor College of Medicine's PA program does. From their website:

"Please note: Distance learning or online courses obtained through accredited institutions in the U.S. are recognized to meet the prerequisite requirements."

This was encouraging to me, as I like Baylor. Others?

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Nova Southeastern (verified by Phone)


MEDEX (reccomends the UNE online courses)

Quinnipiac (reccomends the UNE online courses)


Those are the only "for sure" schools that I know of that take online classes. I am sure there are many more. I did a lot of research on this as I am overseas and the only way to knock out my science pre-recs were online.


A word of caution about the UNE online courses. UNE states that the course is designed to be the same as a challenging brick and mortar course....and they mean it. Don't think that because it is online that it is somehow watered down. I had to redo a couple of my pre-recs because they were too old...the UNE courses are much more involved than the ones I sat through. That said, I learned a ton and they were well done.


CASPA does show if it was traditional or online.

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I repeated A&P online (original was brick many many years ago), as well as a lower division Chem class online, also took the UNE Biochem online and a Microbiology online; all but Biochem had an online virtual lab component. I live in the stix so online was my only option. I designated all of them online with CASPA. All of the programs I applied to took them; received interview invites to MEDEX, Pacific, Stanford, Idaho State. Accepted to MEDEX & turned down invites from the others.


I wouldn't suggest that pre-PAs use this thread as their sole source, however, because in my researching schools I noticed a few that were changing policies about a few things periodically. So always best to check with your school of interest about what they will or won't take!

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As of 6/5/2018 I have these schools. Some of these don't accept online labs so be sure to double check on their website. None of these schools require genetics but may have other requirements

AZ-Midwestern Glendale                  

AZ-Northern Arizona                        


AZ-Touro Nevada 

CA-Samuel Merritt



CA-UC Davis  

CA-Ketchum (not labs)                       


FL-South U/ Tampa                     

GA-Mercer (not labs)


IL-Midwestern U Chicago                   

IL-Rosalind Franklin


NY-Touro- Bay shore                      


NY-Bay Path                            

NY-Weill Cornell                       

PA-Penn state                       




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