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How Do I Know My Personal Statement Wont Be Copied?

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Ok so I am wanting feedback on my personal statement but I literally worked on it for over a year so I was wondering what is to stop someone from copying my statement when I share it? I know I may sound crazy but I am worried that PA schools or CASPA for that matter has a service like turnitin to detect plagiarism and by sharing mine I inadvertently expose myself to that possibility that someone may copy parts of mine and submit it before me (especially since I wont be able to submit it until I finish my prereqs). Anyway looking forward to your feedback on this issue..

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From what I have read on this forum, do not post it publicly if you are sharing here. This is because if they use plagiarism software that could potentially find your essay published in this forum and flag as being plagiarized (from your own post).


I also have the same apprehension about sharing even through private messages, since you don't actually know who's on the other end and can't prevent them from copying. I would suggest finding alternative routes for getting you essay edited. I sent mine to the PA clinical rotation director at the health system I work for, as well as a few of my colleagues. You could also potentially send it to a professor who you have a good relationship with. Also, if you've shadowed PAs, perhaps they would be willing to take a look at it.


I've heard it's a good idea to have someone who doesn't know you read it, however I don't believe the best route is through an anonymous forum due to the risk of having it copied.

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I am not certain if the plagiarism software thing is true or not. I just recall that when I first discovered the forum, I saw a post mention something along those lines. I prefer to be cautious and not put it up there for just in case their software would flag it. If it did however, you could probably address this with them by having them look at your username and verifying that the post was by you, I'm sure they've come across it before due to the popularity of this forum.

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