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PRE-REQ Question!!

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I am currently enrolled in the first quarter of biochemistry - which is a 2 part series at my school. The course is a 5 credit quarter or 4.5 on the semester scale. I know that most programs only require a min of 3 semester credits, would it be in my best interest to take the second quart and finish the course or to work full time as an EMT/ER tech instead?? I am wait listed at 2 schools and waiting to hear back from two more.

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Undergrad GPA 3.44

Post Bac GPA 3.9 - EMT certification, organic chemistry and microbiology

CASPA Science GPA 3.65 (before post bac)


Health care experience includes:

1. 56 hours PA shadowing:

-25 orthopedic surgery

-25 derm

-6 women's health OBGYN

2. Physical Therapy Aide 6 months

3. Athletic Training Student (High School Football and LMU Men's Soccer ATS)

4. MD shadowing at SSCA


Just got my NREMT and thinking of applying for ambulance jobs or this ER tec/ EMT.


Just turned 24 and this is my first time applying. Interviewed at Rush University and am Wait-listed and at NYIT and waiting to hear back from Northwestern University.


any other suggestions of things i should be working on or doing to help my chances?

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Thank you all for the insight. The only other slight problem is that if I take the next quarter it ends June 15th and if I get accepted off the wait-list for Rush their program begins the 18th of June with orientation dates before. Should I just take the class and then wait to see if I get in and drop it. And if I don't get in then I at least will be able to have a complete series of biochem.

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If you get into RUsh off the waitlist and you plan to start (and it isnt a pre req needed for Rush), who cares if you simply stop going to class and get an F (in the case that it is too late to drop it)....you're already in....and if you dont get in, your back up plan is already mostly done.....thats what I would do......

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