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I received an interview yesterday for 10/7. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk

Just received an interview invite for 9/9. CASPA application under review email on 5/25

Congratulations!! I have not heard of anyone else that has heard yet, but hopefully soon :) 

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6 hours ago, BB3451 said:

Has anyone that has interviewed received a rejection yet? Just wondering if/when they'll let people know their status after their interview. Also, I wonder how many people have been accepted this far.

Nothing yet. I'm wondering the same. I heard the faculty will reconvene after all interviews are held to make final decisions. Quinnipiac is my top choice and would drop everything to go. Hoping to hear back soon!

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    • By Lifeline10
      New thread for the 2019-2020 cycle. Best of luck everyone!
    • By futurePAeryka
      I figured I would start the thread for this cycle! I applied yesterday 5/21 and CASPA verified 5/22, still waiting for an email confirmation that my application was received. Good luck to everyone this cycle!!!
    • By BritishBoy1987
      Interviewed 09/09 and received my early acceptance email. Would be great to hear from other people who will be attending Quinnipiac class of 2020
    • By PA-Student
      Just looking for any insight.
      I am currently accepted into 3 PA programs and am having a hard time choosing between programs. Below are what my options look like. I am wondering what factors I should focus my attention towards.
      Currently, I am leaning toward SUNY Upstate because of the graduation rate (98.4) and the attrition rate (2.2%). Next is DeSales with a grad rate of (93 to 95%) and attrition rate (6.7%). 
      Here is the table!
      1. Should I weigh the attrition rate very strongly when choosing? I will be away from my fiancé as she completes her own PA program and have a feeling that I should choose a program that won’t dismiss me if I have a slight setback.
      2. I graduate undergrad May 14th from New Mexico. Should my start date be a major factor? With Quinnipiac, I would have a short time to get my affairs in order. While with Desales, I have a few months.
      3. SUNY tries to put all clinical rotations in 1 semi-rural facility. Each student has their own facility. Should this be looked at as a negative trait, or does 1 site allow me to do more around the facility? Would this lack of different sites hurt me from finding jobs across the nation?
       ​4. I am a young African American male. Are there areas in these communities I should avoid? This is a silly question due to the fact that your personality determines who you are and how people treat you, but I am just keeping an open mind.
      I know this seems kind of ridiculous to ask on a forum and should be a personal choice, but I just want as many perspectives as possible from those who are familiar with the career. My goal is to simply become a great provider for my patients and not go crazy trying to make this choice.  This community has helped me so much throughout my academic career. Any insight helps. Thank you!
      P.S. If you see any incorrect information on this table, feel free to correct me! No offense information about PA programs please. If there is a severely negative aspect, you can email me because I still want to hear it J
    • By mguns116
      Saw this was a new program on caspa, was wondering if anyone has heard anything about it. I couldn't find any information from the university's website directly about the program. 
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