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Planned/In-Progess coursework -- will not be taking

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Hi all,


I thought this would be appropriate for this forum rather than the CASPA forum as it is intended for the program I was accepted to.


I recieved my letter of acceptance, with a contingency to send in my transcripts for planned/in-progress coursework. I have completed ALL of the pre-reqs and other recommended coursework for the program I was accepted to. However, I do have some planned/in-progress coursework I have not completed and do not intend to simply because I have met and exceeded all of the pre-reqs for the program. Right now it is not financially logical to take these courses. I had initially added them to CASPA to show some of the schools I was applying to that required them that I would be taking them. I have been trying to call the program all day today and I can't get a hold of anyone, and this is of concern to me. Could the school revoke my acceptance because I have not taken the coursework that isn't even a requirement to the program?


I will talk to the program about this, but until I get a hold of them I want to see if someone has had any experience with this so that I can get some closure and clear my concerns.



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