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Talked to Deborah today for you all. The first interview will be in October and the invites for that interview will go out sometime around August. Subsequent interviews will start in January from ther

Hey, I’m a current PA student at South. I have several people in my class who submitted their app in March and was accepted. Typically, interviews go through May (sometimes there are two May interview

I know I shouldn't be nervous about not hearing anything from them since this was only the first interview, I'm just praying that they will interview and accept me!!     

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21 hours ago, Thehopefulallyx said:

How long did your GRE take, I'm on day 14 and My scores still aren't reviewable!! 

Hey, I took it on June 7th. It took about 10 days for my scores to be reported. Since my scores were already reported when I submitted my application it only took a few days for SC to receive them.  ETS usually says about 7-10 days after testing for your scores to be posted and if you put in the CASPA code on test day it shouldn't take long for them to get your scores.  Just be patient and good luck to you! :)


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On 6/16/2017 at 8:51 AM, CSCH said:

Hi guys! I'm a current student, willing to attempt to answer any and all questions. I graduate this December, so I can answer clinicals-related questions, too. :)


I was wondering where students complete their clinicals, and if you have a choice to do some in different cities.  Also, so you feel like you're seeing a diverse enough patient population to learn enough in Knoxville? I know it's a smaller city, so I'm worried you might not be exposed to as much during clinicals.

Thank you for any insight you can offer!!


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Hi everyone! I am new to this forum and this is my first time applying to PA schools. I graduated this summer with a Bachelors in Biology and was wondering what my chances are like at this school with my current stats. 

cGPA: 3.13 (I failed a lot of classes during my sophomore year due to familial circumstances) 

sGPA: 3.22

Last ~75 credit hour GPA: 3.60

GRE: 149v, 154q, 4.0 writing 

PCE: 1500+ hours as a CNA 

Volunteer: ~100 hours 

Leadership in a Pre-PA society (Secretary) 

Becoming a PA is my dream and I am definitely prepared to reapply in the next cycle knowing I have a low chance of getting accepted. There's not much I can do to change my GPA at this point, but I know I can improve on my patient care and volunteer hours. I also have not had the opportunity of shadowing any PA's, which I will definitely be doing this semester along with finishing up my last prerequisite - Anatomy & Physiology II. I also completed a lot of advanced level biology courses and have research experience. 

My CASPA and supplemental have been verified and received in late July. Do I have a chance? 

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Yes I received an email because I hadn't submitted my supplemental application and it says file reviews will begin in October 2017 and interviews will begin in November 2017. I applied in February my GPA and get are low they are "acceptable " but not competitive but I'm just reapplying and studying for the GRE and waiting to hear back.

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I was just offered an interview for October 13 via email

CASPA submitted June 30

CASPA verified July 4

B.S. in Biological Sciences; graduated as an honors finisher from the honors program, as well as successfully defended an honors thesis project

cGPA = 3.72, sGPA = 3.79, GRE = 317

HCE hrs as a CNA at a hospital = ~300 at application, volunteer hrs = ~300 at application, shadowing hours = 40

Worked as a lab manager/vivarium manager/researcher in a neuroscience lab

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    • By wallsmp
      I thought I’d start this since I didn’t see any posts about this application cycle yet. Has anyone heard back besides the normal “we received your application” email?
    • By MedicBac2Skol
      Hi all,
      Figured I'd start a feed for this.  Ainsley said they would be working on creating a FB group as well.
      A quick intro, I'm Jen Murray, the Colorado old lady that was at the November interviews. I'm excited to learn the true identities of who all was accepted and will be attending in the fall 🙂
    • By BethelStudent19
      Hey everyone, 
      If you are reading this you are likely looking at Bethel University as an option for PA school. Before you decide to follow through, please make sure that you take all things into account. Many 2nd and 3rd year students have had major issues with clinicals - these are hard to see as a first-year student. 
      Please excuse grammar and formatting - this was written quickly, but after much consideration and continued frustrations. 
      Here are some of the issues with the school after the first year:
      There are only 2 staff members setting up rotations for both the 2nd and 3rd year students (around 100 total). As a result… More than half of the students have been COMPLETELY setting up their own rotations (5 months into rotations at this time for the 2nd year students). This is because Paris, Jackson, and Nashville cannot house 50 (much less 100) students from Bethel. You are forced to set up your rotations because the school does not have connections outside of that 2-3 hour area (don’t let them fool you!). Several students have found out they are relocating STATES with as short as 4 day’s notice. They lie, flat out. There are 2 in particular that will not be mentioned by name, heavily involved in the clinical years, that will tell you they have reached out to your contacts when they have not- that your paperwork has been sent when it has not– that you have “nothing to worry about” when you don’t have a rotation set up for next week’s start date – that they are working “as hard as they can”, yet take time off at the drop of a hat while you are freaking out about not having a rotation in place. The school cannot admit where and when they are wrong. They have a justification for every issue they have and do not take suggestions on how to resolve those issues. The school will listen to you, but no action ever follows the conversation. They will feed you what you want to hear to calm your frustration, but they will not fix the underlying issues.  We have lost 2 clinical recruiters in the last 6 months. The program director has put in a resignation for next month. There is no stability in positions that are critical for your success! If this is the only school that accepts you, please take it! The opportunity to become a PA-C is worth it, in my opinion. BUT, if you are accepted into another school, I strongly suggest considering those other options if you do not want to deal with the disorganization, lies, and absolute frustration during your clinical years.
    • By Sea22
      Please join the official FB page made by the school - see you in the fall!
    • By snowboarddude
      What is it's reputation, are they a good school? I saw they are also having a  PA program in Richmond, VA. What about that one?
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