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Hey guys, i have been accepted to both programs and im having a hard time picking one of the two. Manhattan program is longer and it is near my house but bay shore is further and shorter. Could somebody who has a little more knowledge about either school tell me their opinion?

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Congrats on your acceptances. I am a graduate from the Bay Shore program. There are some differences in the two programs that I know of. The bayshore campus is Mon-Friday 9-5, with the occasional time we had to go in on sunday for a class. I don't think it was any more than 5 times the whole year. The manhattan campus is Mon-Thurs evening classes and Sundays 9-5. So whatever schedule you prefer. I commuted from about 40 minutes west and north of bayshore and traffic was never that bad. Traffic was mostly going the opposite direction I was going.The big difference is the extra semester that manhattan has. Manhattan students that i talked to during my rotations said it was used for them to work on thier masters course work only. Us Baysore students had to work on our masters course work while also going through our clinical year rotations. Personally, i find the extra semester to be a waste of time and money. The masters course work basically consists of reading books and answering questions related to the chapter you read and writing your thesis. i procrastinated on my thesis until my last month of clinical year rotations and still had plenty of time to finish it. It's probably the same at both campus's but expect 2-3 exams a week during didactic year. If you have free time before you start I would buy a PA review book and read it. I personally like Pance prep pearls. It will make the second and third semesters of didactic year way easier if you come in having a base knowledge of each organ system.

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