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I will be applying to PA school this coming cycle and I am trying to finish organizing my experiences. 

I had a couple of questions and would appreciate any advice you have.


1. I am currently enrolled in a phlebotomy course to receive my national certification. I will be mentioning this briefly in my statement, but was wondering if there was a way to add this into experiences. (we do have a given number of clinical hours we must meet).


2. I have heard different individuals say that for the experiences section it's best to include any and every experience that you can, but I have also heard it is better to limit what you include to the experiences that make an applicant more favorable. 


Thank you!

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Basically the experience hours in CASPA are broken down into two categories: healthcare experience (HCE) and patient care experience (PCE).  HCE can be anything involved within the health field and PCE is direct PT care.  It will ask you to list your different experiences, give a summary of duties, if it was PCE or HCE, and whether it was for pay or volunteer.  I would say include everything both PCE and HCE as it will only strengthen your application.

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In addition to Patient Care and Health Care experiences, the Experiences section in CASPA also allows for Employment (not health care related), Shadowing, Volunteer, and Research hours.  


As the CASPA FAQ states, begin at the collegiate level (generally - at this point, your high school activities aren't going to impress anyone unless it was something truly one of a kind!), but do consider that your application is your opportunity to make the AdComm want to MEET you.  

  • Don't be one-dimensional -- very few people (if any!) "live and breathe" nothing but pre-PA activities, and the AdComms already know that.  
  • Don't attempt to just include the information you THINK the AdComm will be impressed by; that's very limiting, and you're more likely to miss the mark than not.   

If you worked some mundane job that had nothing to do with health care, but it paid your bills and made you self-supporting (or semi-self-supporting), that's admirable; if it gave you an opportunity to take on more responsibility in some way, or demonstrate leadership, that's admirable.  If you have work or volunteer experiences in something that you are ALSO passionate about, that's demonstrating that that you have varied interests.


If you've got the experiences, give them more reasons to WANT to MEET you - get the interview.  


P.S. Read the CASPA FAQs.  Then read them AGAIN.  Answers to procedural questions are best found there (as they do change year to year), and they do include nuances about how to optimally include things in your application that you want to share.  Also, read ALL of the FAQs.  The answers to your questions may not be where you expect to find them.  


Now, specifically, no, you can't include experiences you have planned in the experiences section of your application.  You can, however, add experiences after you have applied/submitted.  Programs where you've applied will be notified that your application has been updated and they can retrieve it if they so choose.  

This is covered in the FAQs:  https://portal.caspaonline.org/caspaHelpPages/frequently-asked-questions/additional-information/work-and-volunteer-experience/index.html.

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      Hello!  I’m currently a senior biology major working as a medical scribe for a bit over 1 year now. I have accumulated about 1100 hours so far and have a cGPA of 3.63 and a science GPA of 3.36. I also have volunteered at a food bank with about 100 hours during the weekends. As a scribe I chart many aspects of the patient visit including vitals, HPI, physical exam and future plans. I also occasionally assist the provider with small tasks such as cerumen flushing in internal medicine or taking an US in a rheumatology setting. I have been researching PA programs to apply to and focusing on those that list scribing as PCE.  I am worried that this experience alone may not be enough as some schools don’t mention scribing as true PCE and I don’t feel I am able to gain another experience as I am currently studying for the GRE, working 3 times a week and will begin my next school semester soon. During my gap year after I apply I will have more time to find another part time job but this won’t be reflected on my application.  Will I still have a chance at being accepted into a program next cycle and if not what else do you recommend I do prior to applying? Thanks for any help you can provide. 
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      I'm under the impression that you aren't supposed to include experience that you received academic credit for in the experience section. If that is the case, why is there a "received academic credit" option to select for experiences?
      From my previous healthcare degree, I did a number of internships and a residency program that I received academic credit for but on my transcript, it just says "internship hours" or "practicum hours" and provides no detail about the experience.
      Can I list the details of the experiences (as they were electives and unique to me rather than my academic program) and check the "received academic credit" box?
      For example, I elected to do an internship in a hospital in China and an integrative medicine residency program at a US hospital, I was credited "hours" from my graduate program, but there is no mention of the experiences on the transcripts. If I don't list them under experience, neither will be visible on my application. Do I just talk about them in my personal statement? What would you do in this situation?
      In general, I feel like I could use some guidance navigating CASPA with my unusual background (I have a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) and am lacking access to an advisor . Any recommended resources? 
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      I am trying to decide whether or not to get certified in this and get PCE from it. I want to know if most schools accept this or if they don’t really care for it. Any feedback helps! 
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      Hello. As of today I have only applied to one PA school program (Rutgers) but unfortunately I got denied. I decided not to apply to any other schools this cycle as I have not started my senior year yet and am missing some of the prerequisite courses for many programs. I am currently working as a Medical Scribe and have been doing this for about one year now with about 750 hours. I also volunteered at a food pantry but only completed about 50 hours doing so. My science GPA is 3.32 and my cumulative GPA of 3.62.  I am planning to complete my senior year and continue working to build up more hours and reapply next cycle with a stronger application but I am worried that my experience as a scribe may not be enough. Do you think I should search for something else to do other than scribing to expand my resume?  I won’t have much time to do so during the school year as I will be busy with school work and working about twice a week so I might have to quit my current job if I do so. I am scribing a PA in family medicine and am scared to leave as I feel this is a very good experience and what I want to do in the future. 
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      I am applying for 2021-22 cycle. I graduated recently and don't have any formal work experience. I am tired of applying to jobs, cold-calling clinics and hospitals for jobs. I even offered to work for free. I am licensed (EKG, and phleb) then also I am getting rejected. Nobody wants to hire anymore, they don't even need free services. I am a person of color, I hope that is not the reason.
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