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Hey, how about areas that are still pretty hot for getting hired?  Here's where my email box says is the best around me.


- Tucson, AZ.  Not a bad place I guess, but nothing impressive.  I mean U of A is there, and that's about it.  Tons of jobs.

- Remote and/or small (read: crappy) desert towns such as Yuma or Bullhead City seem quite desperate.  Some are only a few miles from Vegas if that is your thing.

- Prescott (and Payson), AZ - in the high piney woods, seem like quite nice small towns and only an hour and change from both Phx and Flagstaff.  I turned down an EM job there as a new grad, which hurt real bad, because I would retire there.


Phoenix is about average demand, I guess.  There are now three PA programs in the Metro, two of them quite large, so that may change...


Where would you recommend someone who is mobile to find work easily?






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Huge swaths of Texas. Rural areas but often close enough to major areas. My last home was rural but only an hour from Dallas. You want to be in demand? Go where most people don't want to.

do you have any advice on job lists etc that I can use to find those? I'm looking to fill a rural Texas job eventually but I'm out of state right now


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TAPA has a good job board and Greg Kurmadis at Lone Star Med Staff has been placing PAs in Texas for a while. lonestarmedstaff.com


Best thing is to network since lots of rural areas don't advertise much and recruiters are expensive so many places won't use them.

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Harsh weather is a stretch...Eian01, you make it sound like you have to suffer through awful weather and a 4 hour commute to be in high demand. Not sure where you live, but I drive 40 mins to work on a rural highway (easy drive), the only thing I have to move over for are Amish or tractors. I work in the lower midwest, weather is not bad compared to most areas in the US (which I have lived in), I work in a town of 700 people, the only clinic in town, the next closest town is 15 miles away with 2 clinics (part time workers) then the next biggest town is about 40 miles away (~7,000 people) that has 7 (yes I said 7) clinics. You do NOT have to suffer with terrible weather and a long commute to work in a rural area. Also, I live about 30 mins from a major city of ~ 150,000 people with a decent size airport. To get to a major city (> 500,000 people) takes about 2 1/2 hours to 3 major cities. Be happy in your work and life, don't settle for less. 

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Pay varies according to where you are, the practice (FP/UC/Community Clinic), and how bad they need you. I have almost 30 years experience so I am a little unplugged from the new grad rates but I see jobs offered every day for "new grads welcome to apply".

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