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In need of help please! Any current or former students who are Veterans that have used Chapter 31 benefits to pay for school available?

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Hi guys,


I am currently using VocRehab to pay for my Undergrad degree and they have agreed to pay for PA school under the condition that I get a letter from Medex stating that they will accept the prereq courses I plan to take through University of New England. I have contacted 5 different people at the University of Washington and I have just been getting bumped around from person to person. First I contacted the Veterans dept there and they referred me to Mrs T (just her last initial) who she then referred me to Mr. F who is the Student Services Manager of the PA program, he then referred me to Mrs K. who is the director of Admissions of the PA Program. She initially replied and told me she needed more information and then after that I sent 2 follow up emails and it has been 2 weeks and I have not recieved a reply from her. Then I contact Mr. F again and he then told me to contact Mrs C. who works in admissions for the PA program. She has not replied in a week. 


I am asking any current Veteran that is attending Medex either using Chapter 31 or Post 9/11 for help as my VRC is telling me she has to have my updated degree plan turned in soon. Even if you are just a current student if you can please put me in contact with someone, heck anyone that can answer my one question that would be greatly appreciated. 

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I'm not a student of MEDEX, but I am familiar with voc rehab. First, have you been accepted to MEDEX already, or are you just planning to apply there in the future? For voc rehab purposes, if you haven't been accepted yet then it may be sufficient to get a letter from any of the PA programs you plan on applying to stating that they will accept the prerequisites from University of New England. As long as you are taking lab science courses for science majors, I don't see why any PA school would not accept prerequisites from University of New England; Medex states on their website that prerequisite courses "can be taken at any regionally accredited community college or university...". I used Ch 31 to finish undergrad and will be using it for PA school as well, and I was told to get them data from the school I planned on going to after I explained that I may not get accepted there and may have to go elsewhere due to the competitiveness of admissions. So for the purposes of getting your academic plan finalized, you may be able to submit a statement from another PA program or show them Medex's admissions page. Of course, this is all if you continue to have no luck speaking with someone at the program.

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No I have not been accepted yet to Medex and I am familiar with vocrehab as I have been using it for the past year already. I have already taken all the steps to prove to my VocRehab counselor that Medex will in fact accept UNE for prereqs HOWEVER in order to attend UNE as a non matriculating student they also need this letter from Medex in order to accept Ch31 for the prereqs (which is why my VocRehab Counsleor needs it ). Here is the link to what UNE needs and it is directly from UNE ( http://www.une.edu/sites/default/files/Certifying%20Non-Matriculated%20Students1.pdf )


AND I have forwarded it to everyone I came in contact with at Medex and still have not got the answer that I needed however I know there are students there that use Ch31 to pay for school so it profounds me why I have not received an answer yet.

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