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Any students admitted with LOW or NO patient-care hours?

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You are correct that Baylor does not have a HCE requirement. When I interviewed there, I met more than one current student who was accepted with no HCE, so it is possible.


That being said, even with a great GPA and shadowing, without HCE you are going to be severely limiting yourself in two ways:

A) The amount of schools you can apply to is going to be much smaller because most have some kind of HCE requirement (usually 1000 hours, or six months of full-time experience).

B) Most of the applicants you will be competing against at the schools where you apply (and you are competing; the acceptance rate at Baylor is about 1 in 40, for example) are going to have great resumes that include HCE.


I'm not trying to discourage you, but paint a realistic picture. If you are dead set on applying this year, absolutely go for it because you never know what could happen! But in the meantime, I would start to look for opportunities to get HCE, because that will turn you into an incredibly competitive applicant paired with your GPA and resume, and you'll be able to apply anywhere you want.


I'm biased because I'm an EMT, but becoming an EMT is a great way to jump in start interacting with patients. It's a relatively short certification course, and it gives you an edge because it allows you to work in a setting where you are working with a partner making clinical decisions​ for your patients. Admissions boards know this, and it is not only attractive to them, but will give you confidence as a provider before you even begin PA school. Just my two cents :)

Your two cents were worth it! Thank you :).


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