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Hi everyone,


I will be a new grad soon and looking for employment. My number 1 city I plan to look in for employment has significantly more NP job postings than PA. Has anyone had luck getting an interview from an NP posting? Or better yet, an offer? Were you basically convincing them why PA is better?


Any advice is appreciated!

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Yes, yes, and I haven't had to say a word, so far.  That could change I suppose; probably just something I have not yet run into. 


I'm not sure I should go into graphic detail as I have not yet signed an offer.  But the ratio of being told "sorry, NP's only" is low, even where PA is not mentioned at all.  


I have been told the opposite, and I think I'll leave it at that.  Apply.  The worst they can do is say no and you have dozens of others you should be looking at and applying to.  


It's very easy once your CV/resume is done, the majority of jobs are send CV and a short statement as cover letter.  I've done it so many times I have it memorized.  I should probably save the statement as a blurb and just paste and adjust. 

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