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TTUHSC 2017-2018 Application Cycle

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9 minutes ago, Malug07 said:

Anyone got anything else sent to them after the eRaider stuff completed? This wait is killin' me! lol

Called the admissions office yesterday to confirm all my materials were in and the woman there mentioned we should be hearing from them soon. Pretty vague, but oh well. Patience is key, ha ha.m

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2 hours ago, bmh0714 said:

Does anyone know if we need to do anything with the eRaider account? I know they said it would be used in the admissions process but there's nothing really in there that I've noticed! 

I asked Macie (the lady that sends out all the emails) about that a few days ago and she said no. You'll receive further instructions through email if you've been offered anything 

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On ‎8‎/‎2‎/‎2017 at 10:17 AM, gro2018 said:

Got an email from TTUHSC at 11:30AM today saying they have completed preliminary evaluation of my prerequisites. Everything looks good. Now we wait for interview invitations. 

Just curious as to when you were submitted and verified?

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5 hours ago, Shannen said:

I have not. I'm not sure when they start sending out interview invites. Does anyone know when they start inviting people for interviews or if they have rolling admission? 

They're on rolling admissions and last year first round of interviews were sent around this time frame for first interviews occurring right after Labor Day. So any minute now y'all should be hearing back very soon 

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9 minutes ago, allenofthetower said:

Received a "NO-GO" msg today - 2-down, 4 -to-go.

Hey Allen,

Generally this means you did not meet their prelim requirements. I would be happy to take a look at your application/stats and give some recommendations about what you can do to improve it.  It took me 2 1/2 years of classes to boost my gpa before I was able to apply, so I have some experience in the matter.  Feel free to PM.

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Low undergrad grades in the 1980s... I've lived a life since then and earned two Masters both above 3.5 and my current science work is at 3.67 i.e. their "requirements."  I've taken 64 hours  of science in the last 18 months in this effort.  I worked my way through school with ZERO support when I was young, have survived two wars and put three kids through IVY leagues and was a DOT-COMMER who earned and lost fortunes.... I'm worth more than a piece a paper so I will push back a little on this one.  But then again, if no one takes a BIOTECH PhD doesn't sound bad.

Both avenues are exciting. 

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