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Internal med offer

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Second job


15 to 18 pts per day

Outpatient 9 to 5

Own panel of patients


6 weeks pto sick cme

Malpractice paid

Licenses paid

Decent health plan dental vision

700 cme


Would be paired with an experienced PA since I'm coming from a specialty.


I will ask for 1500 cme


Overall Im pretty happy with this offer. Only concern is I haven't met yhe team yet only hr and medical director. Thoughts?


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CME should be $2500

PTO 6 weeks - what does that include? Is that holidays, Sick, vacation, and personal - if so it is low


4 weeks vacation

1 week CME

1 week sick/personal

12-14 holidays


Totals 8 weeks


Other items to figure out


Who is CP and how accessible are they as this is a new field for you

Who controls your schedule? and how quickly will you ramp up? yes you need to have a slower introduction to PCP then most - thinking 50% booking for 1-2 months to learn EMR and get the lay of the office, then build up to 100% over time.


Overall not a horrible offer, but would address the above and likely as for 105,000 per year if everything else is perfect or higher if things are not perfect


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Offer is pretty solid. I'd ask for 2000 cme, AAPA/state organization annual dues, and for a clause so you can cash in or carey over unused PTO. 6 weeks is pretty solid IMO even if it includes vacation and sick time. The most lucrative PTO at any of my jobs for full timers is 1 week sick/personal, 1 week CME, and 3 weeks vacation, plus holidays (of which there are only 10 federal - not 12-14), which would amount to around 7 weeks I guess if all federal holidays are included.


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