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Submit to online editing service?

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I used www.essayedge.com when I applied to Pharmacy school in 2004.  They were excellent.  They kept the essence of what I was trying to convey, yet delivered it more forcefully than I could have. 


I certainly plan to use them again.  I used their middle option in regards to pricing.  I may bump up to the more expensive option this time as I was very impressed with their services. 


Hope this helps.  They are pricey to be sure, but certainly not a rip off. 

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So, I'm a rock. I consider the witty banter in Spiderman comics to be literary excellence.


I spent over 6 months on my essay and started from scratch, keeping only one or two sentences twice. I wrote, rewrote, revised and reviewed that damnable thing more than I can count.


When I was happy, I gave to the editor of the university's journal, my faculty advisor and a professor in business writing I respected. They all chopped it and then I rewrote it again.


Never gave it to family, close friends or anyone I shared a bed with. Never paid for services. Had a low GPA and am convinved my PS was a prime reason I got offered an interview.


In short, dont waste your money unless there is NO ONE around you can trust to shred the thing.

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my opinion on this topic is the following. It is a real struggle sometimes to work on your assignments, especially when you are hit by 10 at once. So why not to use some help? I have heard that the online writing services are not only to write the work from the scratch but to proofread what you have already written. I use the help from https://supremeessays.net and I am happy about the result. By the way, you may also avail 18% off on your first order. Use  q94f7d2W

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