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Any PAs have prior experience with 3 letter agencies? (CIA etc. etc. etc.)

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So I was bored and was browsing the CIA website when I stumbled upon this link:




Anyone have experience with this position or know anyone that has? Have I asked too many questions? Will I have to die now since i've asked this?


Seriously though, I'd do this. It seems fun.


"...candidates must be available for frequent worldwide travel to include permanent relocation every two to three years. The first overseas assignment will include extensive travel (six to seven months per year consisting of 45-60 day deployments) often to austere locations, operating independently with a minimal amount of key medical supplies and without direct physician oversight."


Sounds right up my alley! :)

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Joking aside. The screening process is tough as far as the background checks and security clearances. But working for the CIA would provide you experiences few would ever have. More than likely it's a position for an on-site counter intel team that need ground assets in countries around the globe where we have significant operations. If you apply be prepared for a long haul of questioning and possible fitness assessments as well as psychological screening.

In the end, it would probably mean a career that could turn into a book for sure when you retire. Consider it well as it's an opportunity that's not for everyone, but the pay and benefits would be exceptional. Good luck!

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