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Rosh Review- probability of passing?

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Couldn't find anything on the matter so far in the forum.


Can anyone speak on the "probability of passing" under "performance review" section of Rosh Review?


How do they come up with this percentage and how accurate is it?


I've been using solely Rosh Review for my PANCE preparation which is coming up on 05/22 and I've been feeling pretty good about my chances (based on Rosh probability of passing).


Any insight is greatly appreciated!

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I've been using Rosh review as well but don't really focus on their statistics that much or any of the question banks I've been using either. You should focus on how well you did in school and the PACKRAT. Those are a better indicator of how prepare you are. Not to say Rosh can't be used for that reason but it's an unproven tool so far. Passing the PANCE is based on your overall knowledge base and test taking skills.

Though I'm planning to take the PANCE in a couple of weeks, I feel like passing depends on how well you prepare.


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I've done well in school so far and we have a high first time PANCE pass rate so I feel confident from that point of view. I also know there is a study done comparing packrats and passing rates but unfortunately, my program doesn't use it.


I guess I was just looking for insight into the methodology Rosh uses to come up with the numbers.


I agree. Passing PANCE depends VERY highly on overall knowledge base, test taking skills, and how prepared you are.


Good luck in a few weeks, friend.


To future forum searchers: Not sure if I'm in love with Rosh, but at the least like it a lot to keep it around. I'll report back once I get my PANCE results to see if I felt Rosh was beneficial.


Edit: Rosh Review was definitely beneficial. The questions are excellent, although there are a few identical questions, and many more near identical questions. They seem to ask many questions about bacterial vaginosis, otitis media, malignant otitis externa, SCFE, heart block, pericarditis, multiple sclerosis, croup, bronchiolitis, UTI, among others. I guess it's natural given a 2000+ question bank. Explanations are thorough with citations provided. At the least, it got me used to reading on a computer screen for an extended period of time.

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try asking Rosh how they come up with those statistics. they're pretty responsive

but I would use more resources than just rosh. I thought the PANCE questions were harder than rosh

Z PA-C, is there a better question bank that you would recommend? My program offers free access to ExamMaster, but I'm searching for other options as well.

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