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Deciding Between Acceptances: SUNY Upstate vs. LeMoyne

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Hello All,


I have been fortunate enough to have been accepted to two great programs. Both programs have pros and cons so I was hoping to get some input from the PA community, especially the ones who practice in upstate NY or have attended/interacted with those who have went to these programs. Both schools have similar PANCE pass rates and minimal attrition. The major differences lie in the tuition; Upstate would be about 40k a year and Lemoyne would be 80k a year. Upstate is affiliated with Upstate Medical University and offers access to patients and DDXs the first semester of the program where as Lemoyne does not grant access to real life patients/procedures until clinical rotation year. Lemoyne has also been around much longer than Upstate's program.


Would attending the more established program in the Upstate area provide better job prospects in the future. Would it open more doors if I decide to pursue positions in other parts of the country? Or is it true that it really does not matter where you go and the savings of Upstate should be taken advantage of?



Any feedback would be much appreciated! Thank you.

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I'm from NY. My cousin goes to Upstate's med school. Huge hospital attached as well. Just seems like it's more established and has more resources. If it were me, I'd go Upstate.


And for half the cost?! Dude, Upstate.


Hope you like snow. Syracuse is the mother land. NY winters are the reason I applied to a lot of southern PA schools lol. I'll wave to you from Florida come December :)


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You MAY find this sort of thing at some point.  I mean Duke or Iowa Grad vs. CC with add on masters - those extremes MAYBE.  


You WILL sometimes find "this applicant graduated from our program or rotated here / we know them". 


But as far as "two applicants who graduated from accredited schools" - very very rare, can't rule out completely of course.


I interviewed at a place with an attached hospital and they shot to the top of my list.  But alas.  I ended up in cluster----ville getting jerked around on ghost rotations all over the state.


I rotated with a couple people from Local Community College PA Program and their tuition was a third of ours.  Green with envy.  


So yeah...go for Upstate.  You don't post anything positive about LeMoyne so I think your mind's made up anyway , ha ha


Also don't count out Big Fat Earl's Bait Shop and PA school, get a free fishin' license too.

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