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Applying this April, Follow up on my future application and low GPA questions

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Hello everyone, 


Back in 2015 I had asked about low GPA hopefuls and everyone gave me great advice. I am here again asking you all what you think about my current application for the upcoming cycle. 


Currently, I am in a Masters of Surgical Assistant program at Eastern Virginia Medical school holding a graduate GPA of 3.84. Our program is 22 months long, we take our Anatomy, physiology, microbiology, pharmacology with the medical and PA students, and we have 12 months of clinicals of first surgical assisting at local hospitals around the Hampton Roads, VA, including Orthopedics, Plastics, Trauma, General, OBGYN, and few other elective surgical specialties. We become extremely proficient in suturing, and minimally invasive procedures as long as open procedures. This is a great field to be in, I understand this, but I am very interested in becoming a PA. 


My undergrad GPA is at a 3.01, I graduated back in 2011, many years have passed and I have really turned things around as I have aged, I applied in the past and the closest I got to an interview was being waitlisted for one. 



I am an EMT/ER tech with over 4000 hours of hands on patient care including phlebotomy, splinting, EKG's, Foley catheterization, etc....I also have 150 hours of shadowing a PA with volunteer work as well. 


I am still interested in PA school, this is what I have always wanted to do. 


How competitive would my application be with the above resume? Please feel free to comment and if you have any advice please share respectively. 


Thank you everyone 

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I have similar stats as you minus the masters degree and plus 10 years sales management experience applied to 4 California schools and got 2 interviews currently high wait listed for a program that accepts 24 people and waiting for next interview in May for a program that interviews 200 people for 47 spots. I'd advise you accumulate more volunteer hours and have a couple different pas look at your personal statement (i redid mine 8x) and apply to schools that look favorably on the last 60 units. (some schools like Western University health Sciences in pomona, ca use your lowest gpa and put you on tiers. Tier 1 being 4.0 tier 6 being the bare minimum 2.7 for priority on interviews)

It boils down to: GPA, health care /direct pt hours, personal statement, letters of recommendation, volunteer hours and how well you interview ( do a bunch of mock interviews if you aren't comfortable with a bunch of strangers ) you've gone this far so this may not be anything new, but keep doing what you're doing and I'm sure you'll be a PA - S soon!



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