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Applying this year, GRE requirement question

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I'm planning on applying to a few PA programs this coming cycle and would like some advice pertaining to my stats.


I have a 3.88 overall GPA, not certain what my science GPA is but it should be close to 3.8 since my undergrad was mostly science courses. I will also have 2 years fulltime HCE by the time of matriculation, if I get in this cycle.


My GRE was 161 verbal(88%), 160 quantitative (76%), and unfortunately only 3.5 (42%) analytical writing. I know Midwestern's website says GRE is expected to be at or above 50th percentile for all sections. Does anyone know if they use 50% as a hard screen or if this score would be close enough if the rest of my application is strong?


I'd rather not have to retake the exam, since I'm working two jobs right now but will if it's precluding me from the programs I'm interested in.



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I'm not sure if being below 50th percentile will screen you out or not, but in my opinion I would take it again. Most programs want to see that you can score at least in the 50th percentile just to show competency. Writing in my opinion is kind of a big deal just because you will be expected as a PA to write countless medical notes which are essentially a legal document. But that's just my 2 cents!

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I would DEFINITELY retake the GRE. From personal experience, I had 98% in writing, 82% in quantitative and 42% in verbal. I was, fortunately, interviewed; however, I was waitlisted. I decided to retake the GRE when I called and asked what I could have done differently, and she told me my GRE score was too low in the one section. I retook it, scored in the 60% for that section, and received my acceptance less than two weeks later. So.. I would DEFINITELY retake it. It can make or break your acceptance.

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I agree with the suggestion above to retake the exam.  If you have any doubt or question regarding your application and requirements, it's probably best to call the admission office and ask them.  Good luck!  

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Just from the perspective of a current student here - 


I took the GRE for the first time and I scored below the 50th percentile (48th or something I think?) on the math section. I expected to have to retake it, but applied that cycle with my scores and was accepted anyway. If you have the time and energy to take it again, it's probably the safe bet. But the rest of your application looks strong, so I don't think it's a deal breaker if only one section dropped below the 50th. Doesn't seem like they screen that way - there are other more important factors.

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