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GRE Preparation

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Hey everyone,

      I have not wrote on this for awhile since I have been busy with my CNA job. I just bought my GRE books to study for the GRE,but I need some assistance. I am planning on taking it in July or August, but is that enough time if I start now (2/28/17). I purchased the bundle for the GRE books as recommended from friends who did pretty well for the exam. I just want any tips or pointers for the exam? Any advice or recommendations? Thank you! 

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I studied for the for the GRE for one month using GRE books and then another month of study with Magoosh. If I did it over, I would have just done magoosh and only used the GRE books for practice exams. I found it difficult to put away a solid 4 hour chunk of time to sit and do practice exams all the time so magoosh was a good middle ground since they have great videos, a phone app so you can do vocabulary practice from anywhere and the practice questions helped to gauge how you would do overall on the whole test which was very helpful. And yes I think you are giving yourself a good amount of time to study. 

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I used only Magoosh for one month (the one month study plan) and HIGHLY recommend it. I got above and beyond what I wanted.  It was a pretty intense study plan, but just do your best to stick with it (I definitely wasn't perfect) and I'm sure you will do well. I watched almost all of the videos, learned as many flashcards as I could and did a lot of practice questions.  In the end, I felt really prepared for the exam.  https://magoosh.com/gre/2012/1-month-gre-study-schedule/ 

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I know some people who didn't study at all and were happy with their scores. I'm not like that though; I took 2 months to intensely study for the first attempt and I felt prepared and got good enough scores but wanted to improve the verbal before I was satisfied. So for the second attempt I gave myself about 5 months to casually study a LOT of vocabulary and improved my score significantly. You've got plenty of time to study, good luck!

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