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I have not specifically done lead, but I did have my own practice for 3 years


The amount of non-clinical things to accomplish is HUGE


Admin all of a sudden thinks you can solve anything


RUN don't walk away from scheduling - as all it means is that you are the last person to fill a shift and that sucks


The ONLY way I would consider a LEAD or Senior PA slot with admin role is to have it admin time specifically in my schedule. This would likely need to be ATLEAST 10 hours per week. Meetings are a killer and trying to work on top of admin duties is hard.




A point about this admin versus clinical. (And I am going to toot all our collective horns here).

Admin duties can be stressful, but in no way shape or form are they even close to the stress of treating a patient. I get frustrated when admin types dictate to clinical folks what we should be doing as non-health care professional admin folks HAVE NO IDEA what true pressure and responsiblity is!!!! Even people that practiced a while ago quickly forget the magnitude of responsiblity a PA, NP, or doc carries with them for EVERY patient decision..... Their is no fluff, their is no buff in medicine - that simple headache could be a CVA, that heart burn could be an MI, that heartburn in a 20 yr old (who happended to smoke some crack) could be an MI, that cold could be a sinus infection that bores into someone's brain...... and so on..... It just doesn't compare to writing reports, thinking about the department, staffing BS and the like.........

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I'm the lead PA for 2 of our 5 Urgent Care locations.


It's pretty low key. Scheduling and staffing is pretty basic. We have a lot of PD employees who don't sign up for shifts which makes it frustrating when you're short handed but otherwise it's pretty easy.


Our leads get paid 10% more on top of base salary and get production bonuses quarterly.


I also have to deal with getting people credentialed (DOT, Hospital, etc), EMR training, and working with our auxiliary staff for whatever else is needed for daily operations (i.e. Supply needs, equipment needs, etc).


I also help with coordinating the rare student that wants to rotate with a specific provider.

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I really appreciate all the responses. Very helpful!



What determines production bonus? is this a flat rate that you get no matter what?

I'll have to confirm, but I believe it's based on productivity of the urgent care as a whole and it's a percentage of salary that's paid out. I think my last bonus was about $1500 after taxes.

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I have done it a couple of times. It was a bit of a headache but to be able to stand between the admin types and the PAs and have some control over what was done, policy decisions, and maybe most important control the flow of useless information admin wants "everyone" to see was worth it. I would guess about 20% of this important information was even relevant and I just kept it from trickling down.

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I was assistant medical director for an outpatient clinic and given $2.50 raise to take on that and oversee a procedural therapy (TMS) we did in the office.  It was not worth it as my paperwork increased, but was given zero administration time.  Even after pointing out there is no way I can do what was being asked along with keeping a full patient load.    I directed 7 therapists, 1 NP, 2 PAs, and two TMS technicians.    

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