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Question Regarding My Patient Care Hours

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I know that it is always best to ask the individual school to know for sure, but I figured it'd be a little bit more efficient to just get a general answer for now. I recently joined my university's intercollegiate EMS system volunteering as a first aider (taking EMT class now, will be EMT next semester) at various events and was wondering if this would count towards my direct patient care hours? A recent example of what I have done so far was taking care of bike accident wounds of the bikers practicing for the university's philanthropic bike race. Basically just cleaned up abrasions and wrapped people up but there could always be more severe injuries that I'll be allowed to help with (c-spine stabilizations, etc). It's obviously hands-on work but I'm worried that the volunteering aspect of it might not cut it for some schools.


Also, I am also planning to volunteer at a Volunteers in Medicine (clinic) this Summer where I'll be charting patient histories and gathering vitals. Would this be considered direct patient care hours as well, generally? And last of all, through my EMT-B course I am required to do an eight hour clinical (ER) observation and an eight hour ambulance run through hospitals around me. I would be doing hands on patient care if anything came up. Fortunately, my coordinators have good connections with the hospitals and I would be able to do as many of these rotations as I want without hassle. I plan on becoming a patient care or rehab tech to actually get the majority of my HCE, but I was wondering if this would be a viable way of knocking out some direct patient care hours (in regards to VIM and the shadowing rotations) in the meantime? 


Any feedback is greatly appreciated! 

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Guest HanSolo

I'm not affiliated with a school's EMS system. However, the school where I do my post-bacc has a well-regarded EMS system and many of the students there seem to be preferred for the ER tech positions. Might be a good "in."


Also, once you gain your EMT cert, volunteer EMS seems to be one of a the few volunteering activities that is acceptable for quality PCE. Many EMS squads are fully staffed by volunteers, and it is essentially an unpaid job. See if you can start checking off your probationary checklist while you are still in the class to move things along. 

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