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Do PAs do pain management procedures?

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I'm practicing in Florida and have been in spine surgery and interventional pain management for the last 15 years. I would like to add esi's to my "quiver" of billable procedures and have been trained appropriately, but can't find any supporting documentation other than FL statute "doh-03-1216" that addresses "scope of practice".  Which is itself, unclear, stating only PA's graduating from Board certified Anestheiology Assistant programs are allowed to perform ESI's under direct supervision.  Well if I graduated from an AA program I wouldn't be a PA, I would be an AA. And my PA program also had an AA program which is board-certified, so where does that leave me? Clear as mud. I'm interested in what states the above Interventional Radiology PA's are practicing and if you might have direct links to legislation documentation which addresses PA's performing epidurals and or administering radiographic contrast. Anybody? Maybe I need to move out of Florida! 

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