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Doesn't it look negative to have short-term job?

Guest healthybek

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Guest healthybek

Hey everyone,

I guess you could say I'm in a sticky situation with my current hospital job. I work quite a bit, and am also in my last semester of undergrad. I'm doing a year of post-bacc work before PA school, so I want to continue to work for a while. The problem is that I've only been at my job a couple of months and I'm not happy with it. While the staff is great, the manager is just rude. Because of this being my last semester, I really want to make it count and get great grades. However I feel as if working this many hours is negatively impacting this. When I asked to reduce my hours, he basically laughed in my face and told me to figure it out (like my options were to leave or drop a class). I have enough hours to apply to grad school, however I wanted more experience, hours, and of course money.

As a Very last option I'm considering leaving and finding a different hospital job. How bad would it look to only have a few months of this hospital job on a grad school app?

They know school comes first as I said that when I was hired in, but are being very rude and unaccomodating about it all. I've dealt with bad management before but this is a whole new ballpark for me.

Any advice?

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Agree wholeheartedly with UGo. Nobody will blink twice at what medical job you held and for how long while you were in undergrad. Find something else to do with your time, be it your course work, volunteering or another job in the medical field if your health care hours aren't competitive. The name of the game is to keep your cumulative and science GPA's up while making the rest of your application well rounded.

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I listed working in a nursing home for 1.5 months. The majority of my hours came from working at a hospital. I was never asked about it during any of my interviews. If they do ask about it, be honest. There is nothing wrong with explaining to admissions its negative impact you felt would have on your academics. If anything it shows your ability to prioritize. I would, though, avoid playing the blame card and explaining management's poor performance. Shows bad taste, IMO.

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I intentionally left a short-term job off my CASPA application to avoid seeming flaky, granted it wasn't medical (just restaurant work) so it really didn't matter. I'd consider that decision differently for HCE though. I wouldn't think it'd hurt you to include it, especially if you're still in school and focusing on grades since that's a great way to justify leaving. It's not like you'll be expected to hold a job while in PA school, so I'd think adcoms would be accepting and respectful of you prioritizing your studies over work. You can always get HCE quickly after graduating if you take a year or few off, so you could easily omit this job altogether and just cover your HCE requirement in other experiences since this probably won't amount to the majority of your HCE in the long run!  

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