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Unofficial fb group for class of 2019

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If you're like me, you're probably anxious to start the transition right now. While we wait to be part of the group, I thought we could start getting to know one another and look for future roommate(s). So here's an unofficial group on fb. Note that this is not limited to the 40 people in the incoming PA class, but open to anyone going to Baylor to study or work this year. So if you know any new people in other programs or departments, feel free to invite them too!




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Hello Onestepatime or any current Baylor student


I am a past graduate of the program

I needed a favor. Does the class still have the "buddy CD" maybe not a CD anymore


I was hoping someone could share the course objectives (not necessarily the answers just questions) with me. 

I would great appreciate it. 

If so please contact me thank you so much 


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