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As of today, most comfortable shoes

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New Balance if you are allowed to wear them. 12 hours on my feet as a nurse. 12 hours on my feet now as a NP. New Balance. Period. End of discussion. End thread. :)

Yep. Been wearing them ever since my days as an ICU RN starting back in '08. Of course now I have to wear uniform boots and dress shoes that kill my feet.

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ASICS shoes.  End.  


Dr Scholl's insoles and I can get 6-8 years out of them, daily wear, no exaggeration.


Wait, there are other brands?  What's the point of making inferior shoes?  


I tried (and bought) Klogs and other similar shoes, total no go.  I get it, but apparently I have alien shaped feet

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I saw like a store for those, something about custom made?  What's the deal?




SAS stands for San Antonio Shoe.   They are quite literally the only shoe left made in the USA.  4 years ago my wife insisted I buy a pair of their slip on dress.  I went into the store, saw the price tag of $170, fainted and tried to run out.  She was having none of it.  You see I am not just hard on shoes, I am where shoes go to die.  My 12.5" feet are purgatory for shoes.  Most shoes I buy last maybe 3 months.  SAS is simply the only shoe company that even makes a 12.5 and they do it in 3 different widths!  So I sucked it up and paid the man.  That was over 4 years ago.........  Once a year I condition the leather and that's it.  I just got done with another 13 hour shift today and just pulled them off.  That pair is like an old friend, we've been through a lot together and I swear I am going to hold a memorial when they finally die.  I went to SAS about a year ago and bought a back up pair just in case these died suddenly, I didn't want to be without for even a day.  That was a year ago and they are still in the closet brand new.  I LOVE my SAS's.

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My mum wore SAS through 30 years of dentistry and swore by them.

They are prettier than they used to be - hers in the 70s were a bit of an eyesore but saved her legs.


I don't care for them and my weird feet will not fit into Birkenstocks which my husband swears by. 


In my black Keen Mary Janes today. Brown ones tomorrow. Hiking shoes at home with the dogs. Also a bit expensive but worth my feet.

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Lems Nine2Five or Primals.

Not a PA but I'm on my feet all day.  I stand at my desk and everywhere out of choice so I don't ever sit down.  First week was horrible but after that my feet felt great along with all the muscles used.  I'd love to wear my FiveFingers but not professional for anywhere except the gym. lol!

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