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Hello All!


Just want to share my story. I passed my boards on my second try. I improved by 55 points. If you were like me and went to the forum to find some encouragement, there weren't so many for the people who have failed the first time. Some failed more than twice or 3x times and that scared the living lights out of me. However, I could not predict my very own outcome since those posts were so old (2011-2014). The second time around I used many different resources to get use to different types of questions. The first time, I only used one resource that had 600 questions and studied a video podcast. This did not exercise my brain much as I do better on exams when I have seen many different types of test questions regarding a subject matter. Another note to mention, remember if your personal circumstance is not quite right, try to reschedule the exam. I went into the exam with many family distractions. When you enter an exam you want to be calm, cool and collected-other than obvious nerves from the exam. If you have any outside distraction, just reschedule your exam-this is so easy to do so. So the second time around, I used Exam Master, Rosh Review and Kaplan online. The best online resource was Rosh Review especially if you are a visual learner. People who like to use hard copy books and was very similar to the PANCE was Davis's PA Exam Review: Focused Review for the PANCE and PANRE by Diamond Morton, MD and PANCE and PANRE Question Book: A Comprehensive Question and Answer Study Review Book for the Physician Assistant National Certification and Recertification Exam by Dwayne Williams. If you guys are interested, I still have these two books and willing to sell Diamond's book (latest edition) with CD (total of 1807 questions) for $30 (shipping included), originally bought it for $53.00. For William's book, willing to sell it as $30 as well (shipping included), originally bought it for $55. My greatest recommendation is to use many different resources and do the most test questions you can. I think I have done a total 6,000 questions, if you really want to pass the first time around-I think this way is so worth it--just to say you have tried and seen it all!! Good luck with everything, please message me if your interested or need any advice! 

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