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Any Chance?? :)

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Im thinking about applying to DYC PA program as a transfer student!

I wanted to know would it be worth a try at applying to the program

I also plan on taking upper level science course in June!

Stats I would have 3.0 cGPA

sGPA : 3.2

Over 5000 hours Patient care experience assisting in OR.

300 medical assistant hours in cardiologist office

600 hours volunteer at my local church 

250 hours volunteering at hospital 

100 Hours shadowing PA

over 100 shadow hours MD.


1 recommendation letter from a PA

2 recommendation letter from Doctors I worked with over two years


Do you think since i have low gpa I could possibly get in with my other stats such as PCE & volunteer hours& shadowing ???


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I have no idea about the DYC program (or even what it is) and what you really mean about "transferring in." I'm assuming that's not from another PA program.


Your grades are, in general, on the low side; not sure what your grade trends are or why your grades are low. Your experience is good. 


I'd recommend pulling up your grades. Consider taking pathophysiology and getting an A. Also on writing a good essay.


Good luck.

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