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Low gpa what should I do?

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I graduated 3 years ago in Biology. I ran my CASPA grades and it is worse than I expected. Not sure if these scores are accurate since it doesn't seem like it is calculating my post bac courses and combining them. Just seems like they are unchanged. Regardless this is what I got. 


BCP totals: 2.74

Baccalaureate: 3.02 / cumulative undergrad: 3.04

Post Bac:3.23


Cumulative undergrad science: 2.81

overall science: 2.81

post bac science:3.23


So what now? My sophomore year screwed me up the most since I was goofing off and not prepared for the heavy load of ochem, bio, and physics. What should I do to improve my chances? I have taken some post bac classes already. 

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