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Admissions for a career changer

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Hello all,


Thank you for providing a medium for where prospective PA students can discuss concerns for their journey.  I'm 33 years old I've been in finances for a while and due to some personal conflicts, I've decided to change careers to being a PA.  When I was younger I was already working in real estates so graduating with a high GPA was not on the top of my priority.  Now after 2 years of taking pre-reqs I have built my overall gpa back up to a 3.0 with a science GPA of 3.7.  I have approximately 600 hours of HCE as EMT and about 200 from shadowing a PA and my GRE is 303.


I know this is the age long question but what are my chances of being accepted into a PA program?  I'm looking to apply to Touro manhattan and bayshore.  Does anyone have any schools they can recommend that might give me a better chance at getting acceptance?


I've put my entire life on hold to even come this far.... I'd appreciate any guidance that the community has to offer.  


Thank you in advance



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If you're of a minority background, I'd suggest CUNY Sophie Davis as I've heard, when I was looking into PA schools, that they have a preference towards minority students and their minimum GPA is (or was) 2.5. If so, you can tailor your personal statement towards some goals of that program.


Also, there seems to be a ton of new programs popping up left and right throughout the country so I'd look into those programs as well.


I'm guessing you're in the NY area and fortunately for you, there are so many PA schools in the northeast. Just apply broadly, and it wouldn't hurt to try to visit the programs and sit down with some faculty members for a meeting. Keeping an eye out for open houses is also a good idea.


You can also read through some PA program websites and look for those that may forgive a lower GPA if there is an upward trend.


I think your sGPA is pretty good! And some people respect older, more mature applicants. You probably need to up your HCE hours, though. Good luck!

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